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Sylph  ~  1.  an imaginary spirit of the air.


2.  a mainly dark green and blue hummingbird, the male of which has a long-forked tail.



Vision: to bring life, warmth and comfort to one and all. I create my fairies and angels from a creative vision, each piece has her own identity, personality and style with a protective aura.


Inspiration: As a textile artist my techniques are forever evolving, from fine art to macramé dolls, the transition is ongoing and who knows where it will end. As a lover of nature, I am continuously inspired by what mother nature has to offer ~ colours, creatures, plants, bugs and all things spiritual. As my dolls are often described as fairies by some and angels by others, I wanted to capture both elements in one single word and through research and fate the word Sylph fit just perfect for my Sylphe Dolls and the added bonus of my totem animal and all time favourite one at that ~ the hummingbird with a long-forked tail, it was just meant to be. With a little artistic license Sylphe was born.


Made from a variety of wools, rope, threads and beads I create each doll organically. Their wings are natural feathers sourced from all over the world. With a ‘hair’ hoop, each doll can be hung in any environment and left to ‘fly’ at will

Each Sylphe has hand painted blush cheeks with ink used for her delicate little lashes. Her hair maybe long and plaited, tied up in a top knot or simply piled beads of semi-precious stones or painted wooden beads which often compliment her little delicate shoes.


Although the Sylphe Dolls are robust and strong, I would recommend for decorative purposes only. Due to small parts, Syplhe Dolls are not advised as toys for children under the age of 3 years old ~ they will however bring comfort and joy when hung in a nursery or bedroom



The dolls have been designed to be hung, the miniatures also have the ability to sit independently


Care; If necessary, the dolls can be spot cleaned and a gentle comb can bring her dress back to life ~ please do not over comb the merino wool due to loose fibres



All Sylphe Dolls are designed by and copyright to Jodie Subachus // Sylphe

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